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Take card protection further by encrypting sensitive data from the moment the card is swiped at the terminal. Encryption provides many Merchant benefits including:

  • Reduces the scope for PCI DSS audit
  • Shields from potential data breach fines by rendering payment card data unusable by hackers
  • Reduces risk through persistent encryption of cardholder data


Tokenization complements point-to-point encryption by substituting the cardholder data with another number – the token – and the original data is only used for authorization.

When a clear-text or encrypted card payment is submitted, a token is generated, based upon the merchant’s identity and a unique token zone associated with the merchant at the processing platform. It is then returned to be safely stored in the merchant database. Tokens can also be used to track customer transactions for marketing or risk management purposes.

Another feature of the tokenization solution is the ability to distinguish a token from a card number. All of the tokens generated will contain at least one alphabetic character, making it easy to determine whether it is a token or a card number.

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