Tablet-Based POS Solutions

Replace bulky and expensive counter-top systems with the sleek design of a tablet-based POS.

FIS delivers an integrated point-of-sale (POS) solution that combines intuitive payment acceptance capabilities with a sleek modern design.

Kineticpay POS provides tablet-based simplicity for in-store or in-restaurant payment acceptance. The sleek, all-in-one design provides an adjustable touch-screen display that easily flips for customer-facing signatures. An integrated barcode reader, cash drawer and receipt printer are also included to meet all your business needs and budget.

Using a connected terminal for EMV support, securely accepts credit and signature debit. Every transaction is linked seamlessly through the Kineticpay Portal where you can easily manage everything from payments to sales to product SKUs, all while recognizing consumer preferences and generating targeted rewards to increase engagement and loyalty.

Tablet POS

Secure Payment Acceptance

Easily accept credit and signature debit while tracking all cash sales

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, Samsung and Google Wallet support with connected Ingenico iCT220 terminal

Email and print receipts via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

All-in-One Solution

13-inch touchscreen tablet (Samsung Android)

Ingenico iCT220 EMV terminal

Cash drawer

Receipt printer and barcode scanner

Kitchen printer (optional)

Inventory Management

Easily store product names, images, descriptions, SKUs, and taxable inclusions

Group menu items by logical categories to ease selection and checkout

Business Management

Cloud-based activity reports accessible online

Detailed customer transaction data, tender types, inventory levels, high-margin items, time of day sales, and more

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