Check Verification

Check Verification          Check Cashing

Reduce the cost of authorizing checks while eliminating the risk of fraud

Point-of-purchase check authorization has entered a new age of efficiency and effectiveness. Today’s businesses have access to online, real-time check approvals within seconds – 24 hours a day – by matching against our database of 100 million + good check writers.

  • Checks remain the top choice for large ticket purchases with an average order value 18% higher than credit cards.
  • Checks continue to be the payment type most vulnerable to fraud attacks.
  • 87% of organizations affected by payments fraud report that checks were targeted.
  • Among organizations suffering a financial loss due to payments fraud, the typical loss was $20,300.

With the most comprehensive check authorization system in the industry, FIS utilizes artificial intelligence modeling, neural networks, and other state-of-the-art technology to deliver unprecedented accuracy, convenience, and simplicity. The results are powerful – lower payment acceptance costs, improved cash flow and controlled check losses.

Worry-free authorization warranty

FIS guarantees all approval decisions with a full authorization warranty that significantly reduces your risk on check transactions. If a check is returned that FIS authorizes, you will be reimbursed 100% of the item’s face value.

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