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Servicing Bank Program: 100% of generated revenue

This program is designed for Financial Institutions with 500 or more merchants.  The financial institution controls their entire program as a fully registered Acquirer with their own card brand endpoints.

  • Transaction and processing costs – FIS incurs these costs and extends them to the portfolio at agreed upon rates.
  • Sponsorship / ownership – The Financial Institution assumes all portfolio liability. Merchants are signed on a Financial Institution sponsored merchant application.
  • Revenue share – The Financial Institution assumes 100% of revenue.


With the Servicing Bank program option, all transaction processing, support, and related services are outsourced to FIS for a mutually-agreed upon fixed pricing rate structure. Your financial institution retains full control of your merchant accounts and assumes all third-party costs, but can rely upon the scale and flexibility of FIS. Additionally, by having a partnership with FIS, you can count on our industry expertise and extensive experience to support you as you expand your merchant portfolio.

Servicing benefits

  • You own the merchant relationship.
  • You manage merchant pricing.
  • You manage all phases of servicing.
  • You receive 100% of generated revenue.
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