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Advanced payments technology, at the right cost, with expert service — empowering you with maximum sales revenue year over year.

FIS’ Agent Partner Program delivers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, security and services to meet the needs of your merchant customers – all packaged together with limited liability for you.

The Agent Partner Program is designed for Financial Institutions or Independent Sales Agents that want to maintain a strong relationship with their merchant customers, without having the associated liability.

Agent Partner benefits include:

  • Impressive revenue-sharing opportunities.
  • Support for a full range of payment processing capabilities including credit and debit cards, EBT transactions, Electronic checks and ACH, mobile, gift and loyalty cards, gateway services and more.
  • Low-cost hardware purchase and lease options.
  • Secure next-day reporting with easy viewing of transaction-related data as well as deposit and batch history–all from the convenience of a Web interface.
  • Consolidated, easy to read merchant processing statements.
  • Consultative support and guidance on regulatory and compliance responsibilities.
  • A payments technology partner you can trust.

Customer benefits

  • Comprehensive payment solutions from end-to-end processing to cutting-edge loyalty programs, all from one single source partner.
  • Expanded channel reach with mobile, online, and in the store payment acceptance options.
  • A wide range of point-of-sale options including countertop, wireless and mobile, EMV®/chip card, near-field communication (NFC) technology and more, with competitive hardware purchase prices and low-cost lease options.
  • Tools and services to protect payment data and stay compliant including PCI compliance and breach protection, scheduled quarterly scans to make sure they remain compliant, and even $100,000 of data breach protection.
  • The support and strength of FIS.

Agent Program terms

  • Agent will have responsibility of the merchant relationship from prospecting, contracting, pricing and customer service.
  • FIS will provide transaction processing, underwriting, risk monitoring and will have liability for the merchant relationship.
  • A “buy rate” schedule of fees will be provided to the Agent allowing you to price your merchants as you determine appropriate. Buy rates are provided in a fee schedule and includes rates for processing transactions, authorizations, products, services as well as FIS’s equipment programs.
  • Buy rates will be competitive and allow Agent to mark them up appropriately to earn revenue on the portfolio of merchants.
  • Applications will be tri-party agreements between FIS, the Merchant and the sponsor bank.

Agent responsibilities

  • Sell to prospective clients, complete paperwork and obtain any further documentation required by underwriting.

FIS responsibilities for Agent Program

  • Prepare and underwrite the merchant application.
  • Board the merchant in all systems.
  • Deploy equipment and/or welcome kits, install and train merchants*
  • Provide communication to Agent on status of applications submitted, equipment ordered, training and installations.
  • Provide support for all issues or concerns on product, reporting and operations.*
  • Prepare monthly reporting for portfolio (i.e. monthly revenue share)
  • Provide Customer Service Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-8:00 PM EST and Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
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